We at “Silton” love a good challenge, and we believe in offering the customer complete sealing solutions. Do you have a rubber component which you need? Or need import substitution for a part that’s not available easily? Just tell us your requirements and application parameters and let us do the development of the component for you. We provide:

  • Design advice / assistance
  • Assistance in choosing the right elastomer, compound and hardness
  • Prototyping of samples
  • Reverse engineering and chemical/physical testing on your master samples

So please get in touch with us do give us a chance to serve your rubber component needs.


Choice of Elastomers:

Silicone Rubber
Silicone Rubber Sponge
EPDM Rubber
EPDM Rubber Sponge
Viton® (Fluroelastomer)
Neoprene Rubber
Nitrile Rubber
Nitrile / PVC Rubber
Natural Rubber



Sizes offered

Moulded: Up to 1000 mm Max.
Extruded: Up to 75 mm CS. Larger sizes can be made against order.


Rangeof Hardness (Shore A)

35 Shore A to 90 Shore A


Colours Offered

Standard: Transparent, Translucent, Black, Red, White and Grey.

Customized Colours can also be offered against order.


Manufacturing Process

Rubber Components are manufactured by Extrusion / Moulding / Extrusion + Moulding, depending on the design and specifications of the requirements


Extruded Components

We manufacture extruded Components in our state-of-the-art Cold Feed Extruders and Continuous Vulcanization Extrusion Lines. The entire setup is fully automated and computer controlled, which enables us to deliver:

  • Very Accurate Dimensions: Computerized controls of the machine enable us to offer our customer excellent dimensional accuracy in the material.
  • Uniform Vulcanization / Curing of the Material: Since Vulcanization / Curing is being done as a continuous process rather than in a batch process, the material quality is better and more consistent. 
  • Excellent Surface Finish: We offer excellent surface finish in the Components
  • Bend-less Extrusions: Due to the continuous curing process, the material is absolutely straight, without any bend, twist in the Components. This increases ease of fitment.


Moulded Components

Moulded Components are manufactured by compression moulding in our Automatic Hydraulic Compression Moulding Presses.

Along with our in-house tool room, and highly experienced manufacturing team, our range of Moulding machines enable us to deliver:

  • Uniform Vulcanization / Curing of the Material: All parameters (like pressure, temperature and vulcanization time) are automatically controlled.
  • Excellent Dimensional Accuracy: We offer high dimensional accuracy in our Moulded Components
  • Huge range of designs and sizes: We offer components in a huge variety of designs/sizes.