For over four decades, we have been providing solutions to the users of industrial rubber components.
Quality is a mindset for us at Silton. We provide 'economic pricing’ to our customers. We manufacture high quality components which have a longer life span compared to low quality products. Hence they effectively turn out much cheaper in the long run.
We manufacture our moulded and extruded industrial rubber components at our units in and around Liluah, Howrah. We have in-house facilities for

  1. Compounding / Mixing / Sheeting
  2. Compression / Transfer Moulding
  3. Continuous Vulcanizing Extrusion
  4. Testing & Analysis of rubber/elastomer components.
  5. Basic mould manufacturing and tool maintenance.

All the above facilities along with decades of manufacturing experience enable us to offer our customers a reliable, efficient, cost effective and technically capable source for all their rubber/elastomer component requirements.
We give utmost importance to delivery schedules. We realize that dearth of rubber components can in certain cases, make a whole assembly line inoperative, and hence our maintenance of delivery schedules is critical for the customer.
We offer our customers technical assistance for product design and material selection. This enables us to know our customer’s needs better and helps us to serve them better. What we strive for at Silton is a long-term relationship with our customers.