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We make the follow kinds of Rubber Pads


Vibration Isolation Pads / Feet

Vibration Isolation pads are used as interfaces between two parts, damping the energy and vibration between the two. These pads separate the faces of two objects while allowing a certain amount of movement. The vibration pads when installed reduce noise, vibration and harshness, prolonging machine life and improving the work environment. We also offer metal/screw bonded pads for easy fitment and height adjustment.

The Vibration Isolation pads are specifically compounded to suit specific customer requirements, like vibration frequency, weight of machine, and other external factors which the pad has to overcome.


Silicone Rubber Pads

Silicone Rubber Pads are generally manufactured in ultra low hardness and used in printing machine applications. Our pad compounds are customized for long service life.


Choice of Elastomers:

Silicone Rubber
EPDM Rubber
Viton® (Fluroelastomer)
Neoprene Rubber
Nitrile Rubber
Natural Rubber


Sizes offered

Up to 950 mm Max.


Range of Hardness (Shore A)

10 Shore A to 90 Shore A


Colours Offered

Standard: Black, Red and Grey.

Customized Colours can also be offered against order.


Manufacturing Process

Rubber pads are manufactured by compression moulding in our Automatic Hydraulic Compression Moulding Presses


Along with our in-house tool room, and highly experienced manufacturing team, our range of Moulding machines enable us to deliver:


  • Uniform Vulcanization / Curing of the Material: All parameters (like pressure, temperature and vulcanization time) are automatically controlled.
  • Excellent Dimensional Accuracy: We offer high dimensional accuracy in the rubber pads.
Huge range of designs and sizes: We offer rubber pads in a huge variety of designs/sizes.