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We manufacture the following kinds of Silicone Rubber Tops for Carbon Brushes in Traction Motor applications


  • All-Rubber Silicone Rubber Tops
  • Bakelite Sheet bonded Silicone Rubber Tops
  • Bakelite Moulding bonded Silicone Rubber Tops
  • Glass Fibre Sheet bonded Silicone Rubber Tops


Our Silicone Rubber Tops easily surpass RDSO Specification NO. RDSO/M and C/ RP-130 and are specially compounded for


  • Ultra Low Compression Set
  • High Heat Resistance
  • Long Service Life


Rangeof Hardness (Shore A)

65 Shore A to 75 Shore A


Colours Offered

Standard: Red, Green.

Customized Colours can also be offered against order.


Manufacturing Process

Silicone Rubber Tops are manufactured by compression moulding in our Automatic Hydraulic Compression Moulding Presses.

Along with our in-house tool room, and highly experienced manufacturing team, our range of Moulding machines enable us to deliver:

  • Uniform Vulcanization / Curing of the Material: All parameters (like pressure, temperature and vulcanization time) are automatically controlled.
  • Excellent Dimensional Accuracy & Finish: We offer high dimensional accuracy in our Silicone Rubber Tops
  • Huge range of sizes: We can offer our moulded Silicone Rubber Tops in many standard/non standard sizes.